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Service Design Statement

Service design statement: max 10-15 pages about ten Strategic Issues

  • Service offering - description and justification of the service offering
  • Service offering - output of the desired service design, outcome of the desired service design and how output relates to outcome.
  • Customers and users - insight about motivations, needs and expectations (various actors involved in the target service are identified, their needs and responsibilities described).
  • Managing delivery - how delivery of the service is to be managed and coordinated and any dependencies on support processes.
    • Requirements for the service offering.
    • Requirements for the complete service offering by all the stakeholders:
    • Operational - insight into system requirements, functional requirements, transaction and external interfaces.
    • Quality - attributes and features.
  • Governance - insight and requirements of business strategy, business information and business rules.
  • Requirements for orchestration (the requirements of the operating model).
  • How providers will be able to deliver the needed service offering.
  • Whether and to what extent the service offering complies with market standards and commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS) or if it is to be ‘custom made’.
  • Insight into constraints and critical resources needed.
  • Insight into the risks and understanding of countermeasures involved in managing risk.