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Masterclass Facilitaire Servicedesk, Maximaal rendement uit uw facilitaire servicedesk
Bent u bezig met het opzetten, doorontwikkelen en optimaliseren van uw facilitaire servicedesk? Zit u in de spagaat van maximale interne dienstverlening tegen minimale kosten? In deze praktische masterclass krijgt u concrete bagage om het ontwerp, de ontwikkeling en het vernieuwen van uw facilitaire servicedesk aan te pakken.

via F-academy: Masterclass Maximaal rendement van uw facilitaire servicedesk

Collaborative Business Service Design

BSD requires people to think, to ask questions, formulate ideas, promote and challenge pre-existing concepts so that a fully coherent model is available to all involved in building the detail of a design and so that all the stakeholders (business and IT) can understand their roles.
The CBSD approach promotes an agile, structured working method; a simultaneous requirement analysis and synthesis of concepts and ideas; a focus on outcome and output: the target formulated by the customer, ‘the business outcome’, throughout the design process; involving all stakeholders and evaluating their perspectives/concerns: exploring design with input from every relevant discipline; and thinking about the consequences of decisions rather than hoping IT will fix everything.
As part of the ITWNET Digital Transformation Scheme: Mastering Business and IT Leadership

ITWNET Mastering Business and IT Leadership

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