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Hoofdstuk 3 DID practitioner

Key Points chapter 3

  • The importance of Stakeholders: Networked enterprises are based on cooperating and
    competing units with different interests. The relationships between these parties are
    characterized by simultaneous cooperation and competition.
  • The stakeholder approach emphasizes the importance of investing in relationships with
    those who have an interest in the stability of these relationships. These stakeholders
    within the enterprise or in the environment of the enterprise have an effect on the
    enterprise or are affected by the objectives of the enterprise. They will try to influence
    your strategy and your actions to execute BIM,
  • BIM is concerned with effective business information management.
  • By setting up a BIM governance framework manage BIM value creation for the enterprise
    is managed. And to be clear about the policies needed to ensure data integrity, a BIM
    decision framework should be in place. It originates within the overall governance
    structure of an enterprise. Such a decision framework within your enterprise addresses at
    least four functions:
    • Managing information and data
    • Identification of business requirements
    • Guidance of the intelligent customer capabilities
    • Requirements for IT.
  • A BIM governance frameworks comprises the IS Steering Committee (ISSC) or BIM Board.
    The IS Steering Committee (ISSC) reports to the management board and is responsible for
    setting the enterprise Information management/ services strategy.
  • BIM Coordinator supports the BIM Board ISSC, coordinates the activities of the various
    Executive Committees with those of the board and acts as guardian of the data elements
    of the IS strategy.

  • Key to the management of resources is management of the organizational capabilities
    needed to ensure that there is a valued requirement for an information service and that
    the value will be the result from the benefits of it being in place can actually be realized. In
    other words the customer gets what they paid for and expected.