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Hoofdstuk 8 DID practitioner

What we do in the shadows

Not just a great movie, but a good description for BIMC. At every stage in the strategy formulation, if you are not involved in ensuring that the right information is being made available at the right time to ensure your enterprise will prosper or your government department will properly serve the citizen, who is?

If you know the answer and responsibilities are defined, documented and clear, then everything will be wonderful. Though let’s be realistic, much of the detailed nuances and improvements do exist in the shadows where most people have either forgotten to pay attention or simply assumed someone else (anyone else) is responsible.

Having covered the issues of good foundations, execution and the myriad capabilities you would hope to find in the enterprise, we can now consider how BIMC should work. If you think that having wall to wall planning bodies and resources devoted to implementing back-breaking processes is what is needed, think again. Many activities will in the modern world be managed through intranets and internets and it is likely that many roles and responsibilities for capabilities will be vested in only a select few. That creates two problems; you are going to be busy and you will need to convince the wider world that they need BIM.